Installing New Windows

modernhomeinteriordesign window installationWhen it comes to installing new windows in your house, it is not something that should be taken lightly, especially as they will probably have cost you in the region of $12,000 to buy, if you are replacing all. It is a task that even the most accomplished DIY house owner should think twice about before attempting to do it themselves. Even if you do decide to have the job done by a contractor, you should still be careful as to which contractor you choose as, according to a study carried out in Wisconsin 67% of contractors who were employed to do so, were not fully qualified or insured to install. This means that having made the decision to use a contractor to install in your new windows, you should check their credentials, are they licenced to carry out such work? Are they insured for the work they do? Do they have references or are there any reviews of their work online? If you chose double paned windows to replace your old single paned windows and you choose your contractor wisely, ensuring that the windows are installed to afford their maximum level of energy efficiency, you could hope to recoup your expenditure by as much as $500 a year from savings on your heating bills.

Since double glazing only started to become popular after the 1960s, if your house was built prior to that, the chances are that it has single pane windows and even if they are fully functional, they will still afford the savings in energy that double paned windows will and so you should perhaps consider changing them. Paying out $12,000 though is not possible for many people but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that they can do to try and reduce their heating bills. Often windows become in need of repair and although the windows may not be letting in water, the heat may still be escaping because the caulking has become old. Replacing the caulking will or at least may, reduce the cost of your heating bill and although the reductions will not be as great as they would be by buying replacement windows, they may still be significant.

You can also consider replacing or adding weather stripping to any sashes.
For those people that do have older houses and decide that they can afford to buy replacement windows, the decision to do so may not always be the right one, depending on exactly what your old windows are. Although prior to the 1960s they may not have double glazed windows, many people took great care in selecting exactly what windows the installed in a house as the windows play a major role in the overall look and therefore value of the house. For instance some people may have had stained glass windows in their house and if that is the case, replacing them with double glazed windows may decrease the overall value of the house.

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