The Popularity of Tiles

modernhomeinteriordesign stone tile installationTiles are becoming increasingly popular for use in homes as well as businesses and among the different kinds of tiles available, natural stone tiles are becoming more popular than ever. The reason why stone tiles are increasing in popularity is because people are realizing that they are hard wearing, possibly improving their look with age, plus they are very versatile and decorative, especially if several different types of stone tiles are used together, perhaps to make a mosaic. In order to meet this growing need for natural stone tiles today in the UK, it is not just possible to have natural stone tiles london deliveries but it is also possible to have them delivered anywhere in the country.

There are three main types of natural stone tiles which are commonly used and those are Marble, Travertine and Limestone but there are others that can be used either outside or inside. As these tiles are cut from rock which has formed naturally over thousands of years, each tile has its own distinct and unique design which adds character to where ever it is used and can look natural if mixtures of different stone types are used together. As they are natural stone, they are of course weather proof, even in the UKs mixed weather conditions. This makes them not only ideal for use on patios and in gardens but also in swimming pools and showers.

Marble tiles are particularly stylish and in great demand. Marble is created from limestone which was formed over millions of years and then goes through a second change under extreme pressures and heat, transforming it into the beautifully smooth marble and one of marble tiles beauties is that no two tiles will ever look the same. Marble, as tiles, does however have one disadvantage and that is that it can stain more easily than other types of stone tiles and so if using it on counter tops or some other places, spills of alcohol, vinegar, butter and tomato products as well as other things, should be avoided.

Travertine tiles are popular, especially in and around London. Travertine is in the same family of rock as limestone but is formed from calcite. Due to its extreme durability travertine has been used in construction for thousands of years and evidence has been found that it was also use in the Coliseum of Rome. Although travertine is porous, if sealed it can be fully waterproof, making it ideal for use in bathrooms.

Although limestone tiles have mainly been used in the outdoor environments, they make ideal coverings for kitchens and bathrooms. As limestone tiles can have a wide variety of designs and colours they are very popular and can provide a unique look to anywhere they are used.

A mixture of all three types of natural stone tiles provide an increasingly popular mosaic look and are often used as borders for places tiled with other types of tile or one of the three natural stone tiles.

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