Faucet Designs

The design of a kitchen faucet did not change for thousands of years, not the basic design at least but then, since 1957 there have been several new designs appear so that today if we are remodeling our kitchen we may have difficulty in deciding which faucet would look best and of course still be practical. One of the best ways to determine this is to go to a website which has reviewed the best rated kitchen faucets to see what the pros and cons are of each.

Today websites review almost every product or service there is and so if we are ever faced with a problem as to which specific product to buy or which particular service to use, these sites are very useful. Of course through each of these sites can only give you their opinion and so as your tastes may vary, they may not be the same choices as they would make, however, if they list the pros and cons of each item, you can decide which features you need best and which you could perhaps do without. For instance, a review site may make one recommendation on the grounds that an item is the best value for money but if money is not the problem for you, you may opt for one which even the site agreed was better but in their opinion was too expensive.

These sites have only appeared since the introduction of the internet but for kitchen faucets, there would not have been a need for them prior to that anyway as there has only been the same basic design since faucets were first introduced by the Minoans in 1700BC. The Romans used the same design of faucets as the Minoans and the Roman influence has existed in this particular product ever since. The only difference which has so far been found between the Minoan faucets and the Roman faucets is that whilst the Minoans ones were made of either gold, silver or marble, the Roman ones were usually only made from silver although some of those silver faucets did have gold or marble fittings.

The basic design of the faucet seemed t suit everybody until 1937 that is as in that year a student by the name of Al Moen scalded his hand using one. This prompted him to be determined to invent a new design for faucets which is exactly what it did even though it took him 10 years to do so. It was therefore in 1947 when the first real new design for a faucet appeared since the Minoans first invented them over three thousand years ago. The new design of faucet was met with popularity as within just 12 years over one million homes in the US had the Moen designed faucets in their homes and the same faucets could be seen in 55 other countries. Today, although since new designs have appeared, the Meon is the most popular with over 50% of US homes now featuring them.

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